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This free workshop shows you how to get more leads and more clients

Want to discover Phil Bedford's proven way of acquiring your DREAM clients without cold-calling or spending a single dirham on paid advertising?

Here's a way to get ALL of Phil's Life-Changing secrets....

And the Exact Formula He Has Used to Help Grow Profitable Business for His Clients (and Himself)

Real Life Success Stories

In a minute I'll reveal how anyone - even hardcore techies who have never done any marketing or sales - can build a pipeline of their "most-wanted" customers quickly and effortlessly.

  • This is for you if you are a freelancer hoping to get yourself booked solid an entire year in advance... while commanding fees that clients happily pay
  • Or if you're a business owner or online entrepreneur who wants to open the floodgates of new leads and sales - more than you ever thought possible.

Hi, I’m Phil Bedford.

Every day I help my clients grow their business. For some, it's expansion of an already profitable venture, for others it's gaining traction or maybe even getting that first elusive client that kick-starts their revenue…

And for some it’s knowing how to run a profitable business without sacrificing time for family.

No matter where they are in their journey, I walk alongside them, guiding and mentoring them, so they feel less confused, less stressed and more confident.

Considered a leading expert in referral marketing, I’m passionate about helping business owners grow an amazing business and lead a spectacular life.

Having lived in the Middle East since 1998, I now leverage my decades of sales, business development and consulting experience to expand the Asentiv franchise across this region.

I run regular networking events and workshops in Dubai and my clients say I’m the go-to-guy when it comes to referral marketing.

Asentiv has helped me more than triple my business in 9 months, and has given me a system to start having some consistency in the business I am generating.

Matt Farr // Mountain Quests

Have I gained financially? Of course! AND I have more confidence networking, higher quality contacts and a network that challenges me to be a better person and grow personally and professionally

Carol Talbot // Author, Speaker NLP Mastery Trainer

And now, I’d love to help you…

… like I’ve helped thousands of others… by teaching you my very straightforward, very simple, step-by-step process of acquiring the clients you’d most love to work with.

My system will transform you and your business.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • - Forge powerful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who can connect you to the type of clients you’re looking for – or can become your clients themselves
  • - Build a pipeline of interested prospects to fall back on so you always have the power to walk away from any customer
  • - Create a marketing strategy uniquely suited to your business that saves money and keeps those high-quality leads coming in on autopilot
  • - And surround yourself with the right resources that can lend you a helping hand when you need it.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Build a profitable business and not have to worry about a client who suddenly walks away.

Have the freedom to work when and from where you want.

Create an elite, high-powered network of contacts who will promote your services and constantly refer you to potential customers – so you never have to worry about a dry spell.

Now look…

I’m not promising you a magic bullet or making any wild guarantees here.

However, what I DO know is that if you are good at what you do, have a market for what you want to offer, and have the passion to keep working at your business, amazing things can happen.

Bring on your skills and the passion and the GMCN workshop will bring you your market.

Like I said... The workshop is FREE - so don't waste a minute more.  Click on the link above and I'll see you in the workshop

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